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Service update liveHarmony to discontinue service as of August 1, 2011. See home page for details.

Installing Java

In order to use the liveHarmony chat service, you must first install the Sun Java software. The Java software is free and works on almost any computer.

Install Sun Java

If you are unable to install Java, Sun's website has further information for installing Java on Windows and Macintosh. If Java is not available for your computer, please let us know and we will help you set up an HTML based client. If you prefer to install Java manually, please visit the Sun download page.

Sun offers a Java test page. Before contacting us about Java installation problems, please visit their test page and record the information listed under "Test your JVM". When contacting us, please include all of the information from the test.

Linux and FreeBSD users: We are aware of a problem with our Java applets that prevents users with memos from connecting to the network. One workaround is to install version 1.5 of the Java software. For more information please see our problem note.

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